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We are committed to meeting customer needs to support business with a high level of professionalism, our luxury brands in the hospitality industry have been created to ensure that we provide the best services and solutions to operate

restaurants and secure parties through our following brands:

  • Privilege Hospitality:

We meet the needs of all kinds of parties and events, private parties, and VIP occasions, and hospitality is provided in various events with international quality standards.

  • Sufryah Restaurants:

Sufryah is our Saudi brand to provide traditional foods known for their local identity and international quality.

Order all delicious dishes through our website or download the Sufryah app, compatible with iPhone and Android devices:

  • Sufryah Farms:

To complement our brand of Sufryah, we provide meat with services of slaughtering, cutting and safe packaging in accordance with the rules of the HACCP system to keep our products fresh and of high quality.

The order can be made through our website, Sufryah Farms, or download the compatible app for iPhone and Android devices: